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Laura Roberts was originally a computer animation major but decided early on that being behind a computer and ‘sculpting’ virtually were not for her.  So she switched majors to Ceramics and Sculpture and graduated with a BFA.

After graduation she made good on the phrase, “A pirates life for me” and became the next legal occupation to pirate, that being a scuba instructor and boat captain.  This gives Roberts regular exposure to the underwater world which she loves and draws so much inspiration from.  

Roberts has been described as a renaissance woman. She is experienced in many mediums such as charcoal, pastels, conte, oil painting, watercolor, textiles, printmaking, papermaking, welding, metal casting, clay, plaster, wax, wood, photography, and jewelry making. When Roberts is inspired by a subject matter she picks the medium that best suits its representation.  Her favorites are clay and metal or a combination of the two.

When Roberts is not underwater she enjoys hiking and exploring the natural beauty of the rugged terrain of the Big Island.   Volcano National Park and its vast lava flow hold a special interest to the artist and much of her work centers around volcanic formations and petroglyph themes.  Roberts also enjoys traveling and is currently producing a painted series called “Stairways, Passages and places that beg to be explored” which will act as a visual diary of travel over the past 7 years.  Each piece will come with a diary entry of the space and time in which the inspiration took place. It’s a visual, tactile ‘blog’ if you will.

In an effort to not stagnate or get bored Roberts switches between mediums and subjects to keep things fresh and unique and to keep herself energized and stimulated as an artist.

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